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Our History

Japanese and Mediterranean fusion kitchen in the center of Vilafranca

The chimney of the old pasta factory, at La Fàbrica Restaurant since 1870

The humble beginnings

In 1870 in Vilafranca del Penedes, the Quer family started a factory making pasta and cannelloni under the brand "La Teresita".

In 2001, 131 years later, Martí Quer, Miyuki Hamano and Bernard Franco returned to Vilafranca del Penedes from New York where they had been living for many years and transformed the town's historical pasta factory into a restaurant and named it La Fabrica as a tribute to the pasta making factory.

They have been offering a Japanese - Mediterranean fusion cuisine since then. 

Recently their sons Koji and Kiku Quer Hamano have been introducing different and exciting culinary concepts to offer new taste sensations and experiences to their customers whilst retaining the house style and philosophy.
Japanese and Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine in the centre of Vilafranca
The current gastronomic space pays tribute to its predecessors. In fact, the whole building
foundation is kept as it was all those years ago.  In 2001 Marti Quer and Miyuki Hamano
returned to Vilafranca del Penedes from New York where they had been living and opened
the doors of this modern stylish restaurant reminiscent at times of Japan, where Miyuki is
originally from.
The second generation at La Fabrica
La Fabrica is being passed on to the next generation of the Quer family, sons Koji and Kiku
Quer. They want to retain traditional elements whilst exploring new combinations. They grew
up in the business and have studied far and wide learning Japanese culinary skills in Osaka
and pasta making in Italy. “ We are lucky that our parents have believed in us and have
given us opportunities and unconditional support.” they say.
They emphasize that their cuisine is not a traditional one. “We love the variety offered by
Japanese cuisine but we always remember the rich heritage of our local cuisine.” says Koji
and he explains that their aim is to combine these two different cuisines in a seamless manner.
Koji goes on to explain their philosophy of using high quality local produce wherever possible
to create their inspired fusion food.  He is equally proud of their dessert offerings which are
100% homemade with lots of care and attention.
Recently La Fabrica has started offering gluten-free options and dishes for customers with
allergies whilst vegetarian and vegan options always been available.
“ We try to respond as much as possible to all our customers' requirements “
The modern and cozy atmosphere in our dining room.
Our seasonal home-made dessert: Mont Blanc.

A family kitchen, for a cozy treat.

The Japanese culture of the mother, combined with that of the Catalan father. The enthusiasm and expertise, synonymous of generational continuity. It is an excellent guarantee for the future.

Constant renovation, without touching the essence of what has always been La Fábrica.

Our philosophy

Continuously experimenting with new ingredients, continuously surprising our customers.

Fresh ingredients

We grow and cultivate some our products and make 100% elaboration of our dishes.


We prepare our hand-made pasta at our atelier; Triangoloni, stuffed Tortellini, Fettuchini, Duck confit Ravioli, Gnocchi ...

Premium Quality

Always pay attention to the ideal cooking point for each of our ingredients, to offer our client to enjoy the best possible experience.

Duck and chicken eggs, herbs and seasonal vegetables from our orchard.

Many of the seasonal vegetables and eggs that are offered in the restaurant come from our orchard located in Pontons. The composting of plants is made in there therefore, there is nothing that is not natural. And this can be noticed in the final result.

Particular mention deserves the eggs of the hens and ducks, to which they are only fed with ecological grain and other vegetables of the same orchard.  Especially the duck eggs are creamier and tastier.

The fresh pasta is made by hand with the eggs of chickens by the sons of the Quer Hamano family having learned the craft in Italy.

"We all do it with our hands and this opens a range of great variations as we can make any type of pasta that we like."

The philosophy of La Fábrica therefore, is that more things can be done by yourself, the better and more natural they will be.

Make a group reservation

For company dinners, family dinners or friends, we have our menu or a custom menu available for every occasion. For reservations, either call us or send us an e-mail.

TEL: +34 938 171 538   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.